Iconly — Free Icon Font Generator

Iconly helps designers and developers to create custom icon fonts, host them in the cloud and deliver them to your users with our fast CDN.

Add vector icons to your website with one line of code. Search over 20,000+ free professionally designed icons. Create your own icon libraries and collaborate with your teammates.

  • FREE
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 20,000 Free Icons Available
  • Upload Your Own Icons
  • Development/Production Links
  • Build-in CDN
  • Daily Backups
  • Collaborate with Teammates (Coming soon)
Other Tools

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This tool helps you convert SVG strokes to fills and make your icons webfont compatible.

SVG Cleaner & Optimizer

Clean up and reduce the size of your SVG files.

Icon Font to SVG Icons Converter

Use this tool to extract SVG icons from SVG/TTF/EOT font files.